Nēnē: A no-frills static site generator

Do you love Pelican? Can't get enough of that Jekyll? Then Nēnē is probably not for you.

Nēnē logo

When I say no-frills, I mean it. Nēnē has no built-in templates, no special provisions for blogging, plugins, or the sort of thing that would be useful if you just want to start a website. But it also tries to combine several nice features from other generators into something that will appeal to those who want to build their own templates.

Trivia: Nēnē continues the long tradition of naming static site generators built in Python after birds (the nēnē is a goose endemic to Hawai’i).

Why build another one?

Static website generators seem to be the favourite pastime of developers procrastinating on other more important projects. So of course, I needed to try making my own! I also wanted to learn how to build command-line programs with click and Rich, so this seemed the perfect side project.

What Nēnē has to offer

Nēnē was designed to embody several features that I like from different static site generators:

Free and open-source

Nēnē is free and open-source software distributed under the MIT License.